Fitness, a social event

26 01 2009

Since 1989, the Fitness Festival kept in Firenze, with is interactive formula that make it an unique and original event, has been a loyal mirror about fitness evolution: from being a muscolar event now it is become a real life style for million of people all around the world (9.000.000 in Italy, according to ISTAT), in other words one of the most important social phenomenos of this century, fact dued to the combination of two foundamental factors: movement and correct alimentation, bases for prevenction and healing of a wide range of diseases, including some of the worst kinds, involving a wide target: from children to elderly.

Who goes to the Festival, goes for swearing, having new experiences, discover new methods of training, meeting new disciplines, to learn new forms of power, using new tools but also make new friends and have fun.

The Festival was defined by an American press as
“The Woodstock of Fitness”.

Massimo Gramellini, talked about the festival like an event that led to an elevation in Italians costume.






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