Author’s corner

13 12 2008

Here just a constructive issue: after having seen all the post shown in this blog a question should appear on reader’s mind. Has it all to be considered art and design?Or there is art, design and something completely different?Where does this thin border line start?

On my opinion nowadays, where everything concerns appearence and the way we look like, the real transgression is being yourself, in a world where everybody wants to have a tattoo, a piercing, to cover his entire body with scars or implants and so on, just for the possibility to say i’m different from the others, sometime hiding the person who they really are in order to be involved in the modern society, were the most of the values seem to be disappeared.

You can not be yourself covering and ruining your body with permanent signs. Body painting is art, is design, performing art as well, the rest is only madness.

Being yourself is the real transgression.




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