From the surgery for war wounds to:….degeneration today

17 10 2008

At the age of 23, Dennis Abner had a revealing dream: a dream in which an Indian chief said to follow the path of the tiger. Rather than realize he had eaten heavy, from that day on, he decided to become a true man-cat. Tattoo after tattoo, operation after operation, Dennis in 25 years has spent about 150,000 U.S. dollars to be what it is today.
Not only he had to pass through something as more than 2,000 hours under the irons to get tattooed in almost the entire body surface, with silicons implant and mustache, and redone teeth. Added to all this “he” wears coulored contact lenses for the cat-eyes effect. Do you think it is the natural devoloping of surgery of the ancient times?or of the last two centuries?I don’t think so.

But nowadays appearence is what really matters…….




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